Executive Producer, Scriptwriter, and an Actor

 Mesfin Getachew is one of the well-known script writers in Ethiopia and has written many scripts for Radio, Television, Film, and Theater. He had participated as one of the lead script writer in the population Media Center (PMC) research based entertainment-education radio serial dramas entitles YekenKignt (Tune of the Day), Menta menged ( the cross road),Maleda, Seberat (Broken), Mieraf,Yezemen Chigngoch, Yeledet Tewaf (a birthday candle)and many more.

These Radio dramas are the first of their kind in Ethiopia and are designed to address social issues such as Reproductive Health, Family Planning, HIV/AIDS and other social problems. It has been considered, on a number of international forums, as one of the most successful radio serial dramas, in Africa and has been able to win recognition both locally and abroad and has been able to gain commendable coverage in different local and international media.

Executive producer, Director, and Actor

A recent phenomenon in the Ethiopian art world, Solomon Alemu is one of the most gifted film makers in the country. Solomon discovered his hidden talents while working for Addis Ababa City Mass Media agency some ten years back. Since then he has been engaged in different artistic activities ranging from acting for radio and television to directing and producing his own films.

As a beginner he used to play different roles in TV plays produced by the then Addis Ababa Culture and Information Bureau. During those times he mainly focused in acting and this undoubtedly gave him an opportunity to closely study all the nuts and bolts of TV and film production.

In later years, Solomon gradually began writing for the television and his pieces were broadcast over the Addis Ababa TV station (channel 2). His untapped creative energy began to flow when he wrote his first TV series, Shoferu (the Driver). This production, one can say, was the first major work that paved the road for his future career as an actor, writer and director. His astonishing portrayal of the driver’s character, Tariku, won him the hearts and minds of his audience. Encouraged by this early success, he continued writing and acting in the ensuing years of his creative life. Solomon wrote, directed and acted in his own TV series: Bitiko, YatehedebetMenged.

Executive Producer and Actor

    Abebe is among Ethiopian most talented and famous actors,who played as the major character in some of the most loved and enjoyed theatre, television and screen performances in Ethiopia. He played as Gebreye in the Theatre Thewodroswhich was a depiction of the wonderful life of the nineteenth century Ethiopian emperor - Thewodros. He is also well known in Ethiopia for his performance in the William Shakespeare play “Othello “as Othello, which he performed 380 times on stage in Addis Ababa over a period of three years in the late 1980s. He is widely known for playing the role of Asnake in the most famous television series ever made in Ethiopia Sew Lesew.

 Executive Producer and Actress

Mahder Assefa was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia around sheromeda and grew up there until the age of 5. In her early age, Mahder moved to a different location which is also called Kera located in Addis Ababa. She started Elementary school at AtseZerayYacob till she finished her 8th grade then finished her high school at ShemelesHabte. During her childhood, Mahder loved to dance.

She was very shy and very polite person that no one even imagines. She and her 5 friends started dancing at a mini media center when she was in Elementary school hiding from her parents thinking of, if they find out about it, they would make her stop from all this because her parents wanted Mahder to pay attention to her school and be successful. This was going on for approximately two years till she starts her high school. After that Mahder and her 4 friends created a dance group called UNIQUE GIRLS.

She loveslistening music and even dreamed of becoming a singer but she realizes that she really doesn’t have the voice and thought of becoming an actor which fits her best. Mahder also loves to read books, watch movies with friends and travel and discover new places. The UNIQUE GIRLS have been doing so good and become good at what they do. Then they started getting big stages and got invited to be background dancers with the most famous singers in Ethiopia such as DawitMelesse, TibebuWorkiye, and many others.

Producer and Managing Director 

The producer and managing director of Sparks Film Production Dereje Arayais MA degree holder in business Administration, from Lulea University of Technology in Sweden and has BA degrees in both Management and in Foreign Language and Literature from Addis Ababa University.He has served in different positions ranging from expertise to managerial levels including as a special advisor for the Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa city. He used to lead Sew Lesew Tv drama production as a managing director and recently he has overall control on every aspect of ZemenTV serial drama production. He always brings together and manages all the activities of the whole production team.

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