Executive Producer and Actress

Mahder Assefa was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia around sheromeda and grew up there until the age of 5. In her early age, Mahder moved to a different location which is also called Kera located in Addis Ababa. She started Elementary school at AtseZerayYacob till she finished her 8th grade then finished her high school at ShemelesHabte. During her childhood, Mahder loved to dance.

She was very shy and very polite person that no one even imagines. She and her 5 friends started dancing at a mini media center when she was in Elementary school hiding from her parents thinking of, if they find out about it, they would make her stop from all this because her parents wanted Mahder to pay attention to her school and be successful. This was going on for approximately two years till she starts her high school. After that Mahder and her 4 friends created a dance group called UNIQUE GIRLS.

She loveslistening music and even dreamed of becoming a singer but she realizes that she really doesn’t have the voice and thought of becoming an actor which fits her best. Mahder also loves to read books, watch movies with friends and travel and discover new places. The UNIQUE GIRLS have been doing so good and become good at what they do. Then they started getting big stages and got invited to be background dancers with the most famous singers in Ethiopia such as DawitMelesse, TibebuWorkiye, and many others.

Once this was going on the UNIQUE GIRLS were broadcasting on live Television shows until one day her mother saw her, and of course, the girls’ parents wanted them to stop doing what they were doing but these girlswere unstoppable and kept on doing that till they completed their high school. When it’s time to go to college they all went to different schools there they couldn’t get together for practice, and make the team stay, unfortunately, the UNIQUE GIRLS stopped from what they have been doing because they all agreed that they should give priority to school. Three years have passed then Mahder graduated from Admas university college, while in college 6 months before graduation Mahder have been sent to Abesha traditional center by the school and started working there as sales person so that it will be good so that it will be considered as internship to develop her business connections as well as to meet lots of people. After working for about a year she has found another job at the Bole international airport working in a Duty-free shop as a sales person and stayed there for about 4 and half years. While Mahder was working as asalesperson there, she got a phone call from a movie director EneyewDechasa and talked to her about making her first movie ("TASRALECH"). At this time Mahder was a bit confused because she has been away from the art area for more than 4 years because she was enjoying her job and kept her busy and almost forgot about all that being in front of thecamera while she was dancing. It was a big chance for Mahder that came out of nowhere because this can change her life forever. Then Mahder went to discuss this matter with her mother and her cousin who is also an actress and also friend of the director who is TigistWasihun. After having a discussion with her mother and her cousin Mahderdecided to make her first ever movie without quitting her job. Then the director agreed and had to test her acting skill and decided that she is the perfect fit for the character he needed. And of course, she successfully finished. Following her first movie Mahderperforms in several movies and still making new once. The movies she has played as the main actressare SEBERATA,YALTENEKA, AMALAYU, YE BET LIJ, SHEFU, FBI 2, MADE IN CHINA TRIANGLEAMRAN, 45Ken, LinegaSil, TsinuKal, Body Guard, HiwotenaSak,Ayrak After making her third movie ("YALTENEKA"), one of the most famous actresses that Ethiopia hasMulualemTadessecast her to be on a television series show called ሰውለሰው ("SEW LE SEW") which is a very popular show on every Wednesday night?And currently she is one of the executive producers and main actress of the newly produced TV series Zemenand she has done a lot of TV and billboard commercials and also coverson most popular magazines. When Mahder became good at what she do, acting, she decided to quit the Sales Person job because for her Acting is something that she was born to do. Since 2012, FM102.1 is working on giving Awards for the Best Actor and Actress of the year in the Film Side. The selection is based on theselection of the Film by the listeners and then selects the best actor/actress from that film by thelistener. Listeners were given many accesses to choose their best film and አምራን AMRAN was selected as thebest film of the year. Artist MahiderAssefa is selected as a Winner Best Actress of The Year 2013. Currently, she becomes a business woman and highly invested in establishing a production studio in the country. The modern production studioswhich will be built practically help the fastest growing African film industry in general Ethiopian film industry in particular. The studio will be the first of its kind in Ethiopia and will create a good working environment for filmmakers. It will alsogive the opportunity for youngfilmmakers to use their utmost potential in producing competent artworkto the world market.Mahder will forever be remembered as a pioneer through the landmarks she will make, becoming the first Ethiopian actress to build the production studio. The studio will inspire millions of young filmmakers across Ethiopia and Africa, solving significant problems in filmmaking. Mahder will be seen as an icon someonewho paved the way for others to become successful. Of all the wonderful things that have happened including getting money and becoming rich, what really makes her successful is being to use her life in service to someone specially people in need. And she always says, it is a wonderful thing to have everything that you need and want but you haven’t completed the circle of success unless you can help somebody else move forward.

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