Executive producer, Director, and Actor

A recent phenomenon in the Ethiopian art world, Solomon Alemu is one of the most gifted film makers in the country. Solomon discovered his hidden talents while working for Addis Ababa City Mass Media agency some ten years back. Since then he has been engaged in different artistic activities ranging from acting for radio and television to directing and producing his own films.

As a beginner he used to play different roles in TV plays produced by the then Addis Ababa Culture and Information Bureau. During those times he mainly focused in acting and this undoubtedly gave him an opportunity to closely study all the nuts and bolts of TV and film production.

In later years, Solomon gradually began writing for the television and his pieces were broadcast over the Addis Ababa TV station (channel 2). His untapped creative energy began to flow when he wrote his first TV series, Shoferu (the Driver). This production, one can say, was the first major work that paved the road for his future career as an actor, writer and director. His astonishing portrayal of the driver’s character, Tariku, won him the hearts and minds of his audience. Encouraged by this early success, he continued writing and acting in the ensuing years of his creative life. Solomon wrote, directed and acted in his own TV series: Bitiko, YatehedebetMenged.

Solomon’s passion for the art was so strong that he decided to leave the organization he had been working for more than six years for good. This important decision ended his chapter as a civil and heralded the coming of his future career as a full time independent film maker and TV drama producer. He then teamed up with the renewed writer Adonis and Daniel Haile, a brilliant cinematographer. Together they established a production company known asSpark Film Production and immediately began producing And Idil (one more chance). Written and directed by Solomon, this feature length video production became popular and stayed on screen for more than three years in movie theatres in Addis. In this film Solomon demonstrated his astounding skills in screenplay writing and acting. Solomon’s artistic accomplishments have been steadily increasing as time progressed.

Gifted, committed, disciplined and hardworking young talent, Solomon is one of the masterminds of the Sew LeSew project, a TV drama that took Ethiopia by storm. In Sew LeSew Solomon played the role of Bruk, a sensitive, brilliant, meek young man. His in-depth portrayal of this character is one of the major creative inputs that enormously contributed to the success of the TV series. As a writer, an actor, a producer and a director he was playing a vital role in the overall production process. He has been working at different capacities ever since the beginning of the project to its end. As a member of the creative team (writers’ team) he generated new ideas, introduced fresh perspectives and fully engaged in different stages of plotting and structuring of episodes in the series.

As a director he always strives for high standards and his craving for excellence is one of the driving forces that steadily push the production to its ultimate success. As an experienced producer, he has the capacity to work at different levels and in difficult situations. These days Solomon is fully engaged in his current adventure - Zemen, a new TV series drama airing on EBS TV channel twice a week. As he did throughout his career, also here Solomon is taking on himself more than handful of artistic duties. In Zemen Solomon is an Executive producer an actor (plays the role of Assefa) and a director of the drama. Finally, Solomon is one of the most aspiring creative personalities in the TV & film industry and in the years to come he will unquestionably produce more creative pieces with a difference!

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