Producer and Managing Director 

The producer and managing director of Sparks Film Production Dereje Arayais MA degree holder in business Administration, from Lulea University of Technology in Sweden and has BA degrees in both Management and in Foreign Language and Literature from Addis Ababa University.He has served in different positions ranging from expertise to managerial levels including as a special advisor for the Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa city. He used to lead Sew Lesew Tv drama production as a managing director and recently he has overall control on every aspect of ZemenTV serial drama production. He always brings together and manages all the activities of the whole production team.

He is responsible for creating an environment where the talents of the cast and crew can flourish. He is often the first person to get involved in a project writing to get financial and material support for the production of Zemen Drama from different organizations. In pre-production, he brought together the key members of the team to deal with the new serial drama production. This includes the Director, Writer, Production manager, Cinematographer, story adviser, Production Designer and key cast members.

He has been responsible for planning, staffing, organizing, coordinating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the activities of the organization and accomplishing the decision of the Executive Producers to enhance the production of Zemen drama. Once the drama is in the production process, he has been managing the day-to-day smooth operation of the team. He is in constant communication and consultation with the director, writer and other key members of the production crew, on and off set. He is the first point of contact for all production partners, executive producers, investors, and sponsors. He is the only one in dealing with the finance of the company and highly engaged in planning the marketing and sales aspects of the organization.

With regards to his experiences so far he has taken part in the production and publication of different communication materials such as health promotional booklets, leaflets, and posters for different organizations on varying issues like HIV/AIDS, Midwifery, horticulture, life skill, women, etc. He has produced different TV and radio commercials for different organizations and has been given a testimony for his relentless effort. Similarly, he has also undertaken documentary films production, participated in translation and editing services for prominent local and international organizations.

Dereje has ample knowledge in the area of Leadership and strategic management, and resource mobilization and business development. Having all the experiences Dereje Araya has founded a Media and Communication Consultancy Service since 2012 and has been involved in providing consultancy service for different organizations in different areas especially in, marketing, communication, and media. The firm has also widely involved in program/project evaluation/assessments, baseline assessment, conducting researches and providing training.

Currently, he is a producer of the famous Serial TV drama Zemen which is being broadcasted on EBS television twice a week and Managing two organizations Sparks Film Production and Dereje Araya Media and communication consultancy Service.

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